How To Handle A Hurricane Claim Denial…

Hurricanes can leave thousands of residents without power and with lots of home damages that may take years to recover from. The costs will be in the billions for a community and thousands of insurance claims are usually filed. What if your claim is one that is denied? What should your next step be? The following are a few steps you should do next to begin your appeals process.

The First Thing To Do Is To Find Out Why Your Claim Was Denied

The usual procedure of the insurance company is to send a letter to you detailing why your claim was denied. If you did not receive such a letter, you must notify your insurance company and request them to provide you with the reasons. Sometimes the problems are easy to fix. But unclear reasoning for a denied claim could result in having to deal with the unscrupulous tactics of an insurance company. That is the last thing you need on your plate during this time, but it can happen.

Challenge The Denied Claim

Once you have a denied hurricane claim, you’ll need to challenge the denial. Gather more evidence. Do this via mail or email, you can include detailed evidence to back up your belief that the claim has been unfairly denied. Take the time to collect documents and take an inventory of all the damages. Contact a contractor to get estimates of the cost to repair your damages and document why these repairs have to be made.

Keep A Record Of All Conversations

Keep a record of every communication with the insurer from the denial letter to emails and letters. You should also ask for the name of each insurance representative that you speak to on the phone. Keeping this information can strengthen your arguments and ensure that the insurer is true to its word.

Call Miller Trial Law

Calling a property damage attorney gives you the best chance to salvage your denied hurricane claim. The moment the insurance company realizes they’re speaking to an attorney is the moment they stop playing manipulative games. Your attorney will also be able to fight on your behalf in the courtroom if the need arises, and you will go from fighting the claim alone to having a legal team on your side with resources to take on the insurance companies.


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