Homeowner Insurance


Do you own or rent a home that has been damaged by a storm? 

Have you submitted a claim to your insurance company, only to find out that they denied the claim or only paid part of it? 

If so, our team provides free consultations to review the details of your claim and determine if your claim was wrongfully denied. 

We stand ready to file a lawsuit if warranted, retain the necessary experts to prove your case, and negotiate to help get you the settlement you deserve under the law.

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Examples of Homeowner Insurance Claims

Reach out today to our compassionate team to preserve your rights and make sure you and your claim get the attention you deserve, as you could waive certain benefits by not timely bringing a claim. We stand ready to fight on your behalf, but do not delay as there is only a limited amount of time to bring a case.

Miller Trial Law proudly represents clients throughout the entire State of Florida and is available for free virtual and in-person consultations at numerous locations.

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Storm Damage

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