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In the aftermath of a rear-end collision, our firm stood by a husband and wife in Pompano Beach. We swiftly stepped in, managing all insurance claims and ensuring they received comprehensive medical attention. Despite the opposing driver’s lack of BI coverage, our clients’ UM policy safeguarded their interests, securing a $200k settlement. Are you fully protected? Reach out for a free policy review.



Amidst the hustle and bustle of S. State Road 7, a moment of negligence led to a collision that changed everything.
In the aftermath of the crash, justice became our guiding light. With determination as our fuel, we fought tirelessly to secure the compensation our client rightfully deserved.
Despite the chaos,
Miller Trial Law stood firm,
ensuring our client received necessary care and navigating the insurance maze. No citations, no witnesses, just unwavering commitment to our client’s cause.



Our relentless pursuit of accountability secured a hefty settlement for a beloved senior-citizen victimized by a slip-and-fall tragedy at work due to a janitorial disregard. We fought tirelessly, ensuring she received her entitled workers’ comp benefits and then pursuing justice against the negligent janitorial company. Trust us to stand by your side and fight for what’s rightfully yours.



Our client received the wrong prescription, and we didn’t just “let it go”. Your safety matters, and we’re here to hold accountable those who fail in their duty. Trust Miller Trial Law to fight for justice.



…especially when it comes to holding negligent parties accountable. In a recent
triumph, we secured a substantial settlement for a resilient single mom and
restaurant worker who suffered injuries due to a slippery kitchen floor. Despite the lack of workers’ comp coverage and uncooperative owners, our legal team navigated the challenges and prevailed. The restaurant’s failure to maintain crucial video evidence became a turning point, reinforcing the importance of accountability.



We stand beside a mother and her two daughters who faced the aftermath of a car crash in Deerfield Beach, FL. Managing the complexities of insurance claims and prioritizing their medical care, we waged a tenacious legal battle.
Drawing on our deep-
rooted understanding of
insurance defense, we meticulously prepared the mother for a deposition,
showcasing the advantage our expertise brings.

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