Here is what our clients say


Exceptional Service

Their support allowed me to focus on my recovery, and their perseverance ensured a positive outcome.


Exceptional Legal Support

Even with the trial happening just weeks away of me finding them, they took it right on without any problem. They got me a very positive result. I was able to get all my medical fees covered, as well as some future medical expenses covered.”


Outstanding Representation

“He was thorough and had a unique perspective, having worked on both sides of these cases. This made me confident that he was the right choice to represent me.”


Professional and Compassionate

 “From paralegals to receptionists to Ian himself, they were incredibly professional. They were also attentive to our emotions and the stress that was involved with legal matters, legal processes, and the expenses.”


Relentless Advocacy

“Even though it was a small case, he was willing to work to prove that he was really good at what he does. He made them pay up when they told me no for three years.”


Trusted Advocate

“Ian is a very knowledgeable attorney and an advocate. He will fight for you. He’s like your big brother and you need that when you’re dealing with these insurance companies that are looking out for their own interests.”