Business Litigation


Business litigation, or commercial litigation, is a complex area of the law – often involving multiple parties, a lengthy discovery process, and costly expenditures. For this very reason, it is essential that you seek out an experienced commercial litigator equipped with the knowledge and skills to take on the opposing lawyer.

Business litigation is a broad category, encompassing various areas of litigation. At Miller Trial Law, we represent clients in a wide range of business litigation, including:

  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Employment contracts
  • Real Estate disputes
  • Partnership disputes

It is crucial to understand the many types of business litigation, the unique issues that arise under each, and the steps you can take recover on your claim.

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Insurers are routinely involved in litigation concerning the meaning, scope and application of their policies. 

Breach of contract litigation is perhaps the most common type of business litigation. It is also the most widely recognized. Contracts govern virtually every area of business. 

A fiduciary relationship refers to a special relationship where one party assumes a higher standard of care, loyalty and duty of good faith towards the other party. 

Employment litigation is a general category within business litigation that describes a number of different employment disputes.

Real estate disputes are those that arise out of the ownership, transaction, or interest in real property. 

Partnerships generally start with good intentions and like-minded expectations. However, it is not uncommon for business partnerships to devolve as infighting and unilateral misconduct threatens the relationship